Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Two Weeks

A few days after finals and I began my internship at Clorox on the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce team. The unique thing about this position is that instead of working on a specific brand, I get to focus on web marketing in general on all of the Clorox brands. I've already started a few projects, and was able to meet with many individuals who work in different functions at the company.

A really good thing about Clorox is that they take care of their employees and interns. There is a buddy system where each intern is assigned to a full-time employee. This "buddy" answers any questions you have in general. I met mine and was able to learn about her job and get a few contacts for people in areas I was interested in. I have also met the other marketing interns during a number of marketing training programs that Clorox has scheduled throughout the internship. I have also already gone to a few company-sponsored events. These include a workshop to teach you how to be finance-savvy, a pride event for Pride Week, and a company safety event. Through these events, I have met a lot of people. They come from different departments including design, search engine optimization, and quality management. I have also been reaching out to these people to learn about their jobs at Clorox to learn about the company.

A strong suggestion I would have during any internship is to talk to as many people as possible. Even if they do not seem like they are of a department you are interested in, you never know what they can teach you. Always keep an open mind and you will be able to create a great network. You will also meet a lot of great people in the process.

I am really excited about the next weeks of my internship, and will keep you posted about how things are going!

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