Sunday, July 17, 2011

So much has happened since the last time I posted! I'm definitely up and running with workload, and it's a happy medium between learning new things on the job, as well as from trainings and meeting new people. Clorox definitely treats their interns really well. We have had a series of trainings on different topics already. For one of the trainings we learned about retailers, and went on a field trip to Target, Safeway, and Walmart to look at various pricing, store layout, and placement differences. Just last week, we went to the Research and Development facility and learned a lot about different brands and how they are created. We also learned about packaging, transportation, and consumer testing. It was definitely interesting to see all the details that are put into so many different areas of a product. There are so many things you would not even think of before. For instance, because they have to worry about the transportability of products, there are simulations where you can see how a package will hold up on different terrain with different transportation methods. We even got to climb on top of it to see what it feels like to be a package, which was pretty fun. Afterward, there was a lunch held with all of the interns, so we got to talk and meet with a lot of the people in the facility. In a couple weeks, all the interns are going to a Giants game, so that is something that we are all looking forward to. In the meantime, I've been meeting a lot of great people through networking. It has also been great that I am working with people from a lot of different brands, so I get a perspective into each.

I've been meaning to put up a post about any suggestions I have about internship searching for those of you who will do it in the coming year, so stay tuned for that one! I'll keep everyone updated on the happenings at Clorox as well. It definitely has been no less than amazing so far!

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