Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello again! So much has happened since last time. I have been busy completing projects at Clorox and preparing everything for Fudan's Fall Exchange. I just found out that there are 52 exchange students going to Shanghai in the Fall quarter. They have already started to speak with each other. It is definitely getting exciting. I really encourage everyone to take the opportunity to do an exchange program. After all, when else will you ever be able to pick up and learn in a different country for a few months? Learning through experience can be so different from anything you read from books.

As for Clorox, the trainings have died down a bit. I have had some time to focus on the projects I have at hand. One involves high-level strategies and is very interesting. I have also been managing a project that touches on many brands, and has a lot of different pieces to explore and implement. Unfortunately I can't go into too much detail here, but if anyone is interested, I can definitely talk to you about what I can disclose. Yesterday there was a "Townhall Meeting" for the entire Marketing department. There, I was able to learn about the department's progress and delve into certain segments in detail. There were also a series of nominations and awards given. It is really great to see so many successful individuals be awarded. I'm even thinking about connecting with one to ask about the project she worked on. Today I had a meeting with my manager to go through my interim progress as an intern. He gave me feedback from him as well as everyone I've worked with. It was very helpful to know that the company focuses so much on your personal development and ensuring that their employees are happy.

Overall, I've had or made at least 20 meetings with people to learn about their roles. It has definitely been interesting to learn about everyone's functions and how they connect with one another. Many have given me suggestions on school, career path, and learning materials. It is also interesting to see different ideas that resurface when conversing in areas that seem unrelated. I am talking with someone next week that has offered to meet when I am in Shanghai. I will definitely take up that offer, and also see if I can connect with someone who works for Clorox packaging there.

It's definitely been a busy Summer, but very rewarding as well. I will continue to try and update everyone again soon!

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